A Bright and Sunny Sunday- Annette and the Toenjes Family

What’s our most favorite thing about Sundays?  FAMILY TIME!  And whether its with our family or a family as easy-going as the Toenjes family, we couldn’t imagine a better way to spend our evening!  We were lucky enough to get to start our session off with Annette, author of two books (first book discusses her journey with and holistic methodologies used for recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the second is a children’s book due out before the end of the year ), pianist (CD number TWO comes out early next year), mother, and Granny (to two unbelievably adorable kiddos). So by now you’re probably wondering “what does Annette NOT do”……Good question!!!

AnnetteBLOG1 AnnetteBLOG2

I forgot to add to her list: AWESOME model!! ( :

AnnetteBLOG3 AnnetteBLOG4 AnnetteBLOG5 AnnetteBLOG6

After we had enjoyed some solo photos, we met up with Annette’s wonderful family (cue the BBOOOOHHHHs)….

AnnetteBLOG7 AnnetteBLOG8 AnnetteBLOG9 AnnetteBLOG10

Apparently modeling runs in the family!….

AnnetteBLOG11 AnnetteBLOG12 AnnetteBLOG13 AnnetteBLOG14 AnnetteBLOG15


I love the photo below – raised two daughters? CHECK.  Now onto the fun part -playing with grandkids!

AnnetteBLOG17 AnnetteBLOG18

Lots of love for an awesome mom!


And superdad, of course!


Ok, really, how could I not post the next two photos below!?!?

AnnetteBLOG21 AnnetteBLOG22 AnnetteBLOG23

Annette, thank you so much for being so easy going and making me feel like I had a fun afternoon with an old friend.  Thank you for being an inspiration and teaching me to go for my dreams. I know your books and your CD will be a hit, how could they not if they came from you?

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