Tyson Extrodinaire – Individual and Family Portraits

The other week we had the honor of seeing just a glimpse into the hectic, yet incredibly fulfilling life of Sandra Tyson.  From the mind of an anthropologist, to the activities of a photographer, to the passion of a Nana, it seems as though Sandra’s life is limitless.  And how could we not have boundless amounts of respect and admiration for a woman like her?!

TysonBLOG1 TysonBLOG2

Some little lady knows how lucky she is being so close to Nana!

TysonBLOG3 TysonBLOG4 TysonBLOG5 TysonBLOG6 TysonBLOG7

Surrounded by lots of love!

TysonBLOG8 TysonBLOG9 TysonBLOG10


TysonBLOG11 TysonBLOG12 TysonBLOG13

Now time for the photographer!

TysonBLOG14 TysonBLOG15 TysonBLOG16

And model! ( :

TysonBLOG17 TysonBLOG18 TysonBLOG19

Now onto the anthropologist!  We’re exhausted! ( ;

TysonBLOG20 TysonBLOG21 TysonBLOG22 TysonBLOG23 TysonBLOG24

Sandra, we don’t know how you do it, but we are so proud to have gotten to spend time with you over the last few weeks.  Thank you for reminding us how easy we have it (one job? piece of cake) and for teaching us to never say we can’t!  YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

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