Annie Allbritton’s Grand Opening!

The other week I was lucky enough to shop, I mean photograph, the grand opening for Annie Allbritton, a clothing and boutique located in the River Oaks Shopping Center.  And seriously, I WANTED EVERYTHING IN THE STORE!!!!

AnnieBLOG1 AnnieBLOG2 AnnieBLOG3 AnnieBLOG4

Introducing Annie!  And her gorgeous family!

AnnieBLOG5 AnnieBLOG6

I love how proud her fiance was of her that night!

AnnieBLOG7 AnnieBLOG8

Not only did they have SUPER adorable clothes, but yummy treats AND tasty champagne!


AnnieBLOG10 AnnieBLOG11

LOVE the paper flowers!!!

AnnieBLOG14 AnnieBLOG15 AnnieBLOG16

And now onto the CLOTHES!!!!

AnnieBLOG17 AnnieBLOG18 AnnieBLOG19 AnnieBLOG20


AnnieBLOG21 AnnieBLOG22 AnnieBLOG23 AnnieBLOG24 AnnieBLOG25 AnnieBLOG26


And they had tons of awesome jewelry!

AnnieBLOG28 AnnieBLOG29

Love all of these colors and patterns!


AnnieBLOG30 AnnieBLOG31   AnnieBLOG34

Annie, I am so proud of you!  Some people spend a lifetime making wishes that they never work on turning into a reality.  You ROCK and I look forward to shopping with you, I mean seeing you again (and way too often!) ( :

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