Monique and Nikki’s Wedding – Part 1

This wedding has too much gorgeousness to fit into one post!  We very anxiously waited for months to wittness these two to say “I do” and although we knew it was going to be amazing, I’m not sure we were fully prepared for what we saw…..( :

MoniqueBLOG01 MoniqueBLOG1 MoniqueBLOG2

Hello, Gorgeous!

MoniqueBLOG3 MoniqueBLOG4

Every detail of Monique and Nikki’s wedding was nearly unbelievable!!  It was a great reflection of the couple’s classic taste (and Rendezvous Events creative touch!)


The flower girls were absolutely ADORABLE!

MoniqueBLOG6 MoniqueBLOG7 MoniqueBLOG8 MoniqueBLOG9 MoniqueBLOG10 MoniqueBLOG11 MoniqueBLOG12 MoniqueBLOG13 MoniqueBLOG14_1 MoniqueBLOG14_2


PMoniqueBLOG14 MoniqueBLOG15 MoniqueBLOG16 MoniqueBLOG17

After spending some time with Monique, we headed over to the church to see Nikki…


…who looked as handsome and as dapper as possible!

MoniqueBLOG19 MoniqueBLOG20 MoniqueBLOG21 MoniqueBLOG22

Then it was wedding time!!!!!!

MoniqueBLOG23 MoniqueBLOG24 MoniqueBLOG25 MoniqueBLOG26 MoniqueBLOG27 MoniqueBLOG28

We LOVED this cute sign!

MoniqueBLOG29 MoniqueBLOG30 MoniqueBLOG31 MoniqueBLOG32

We will never get tired of seeing that beautiful, glowing smile on a bride’s face as she walks down the isle…


Or the groom’s reaction!

MoniqueBLOG34 MoniqueBLOG35 MoniqueBLOG36

Nikki  knows he’s a very fortunate man!

MoniqueBLOG37 MoniqueBLOG38 MoniqueBLOG39

I love the dramatic effect the tilt-shift lens had from the balcony of the church.  Wonderful shot by David!

MoniqueBLOG40 MoniqueBLOG41 MoniqueBLOG42 MoniqueBLOG43 MoniqueBLOG44

That look of excitement as they are just pronounced man and wife…PRICELESS!!!

MoniqueBLOG45 MoniqueBLOG46 MoniqueBLOG47 MoniqueBLOG48

After the ceremony everyone loaded up in these awesome cars and headed to the reception!

MoniqueBLOG49 MoniqueBLOG50 MoniqueBLOG51 MoniqueBLOG52 MoniqueBLOG53 MoniqueBLOG54 MoniqueBLOG55

These next two photos are probably some of my all time most favorite photos ever!….

MoniqueBLOG56 MoniqueBLOG57

Monique and Nikki – Get ready for more beauty and excitement from you reception post! ( :

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