Keep Austin Weird – Alisha & Marc’s Engagement Session!

Not only did we get to spend a weekend lounging in the always fun city of Austin, but we also had the pleasure of hanging out with our two incredibly special friends, Alisha and Marc!  Its always an adventure when  exploring Austin with this lovely duo!  From a quick stop at one of their favorite coffee shops (best way to start a session? sippin on an iced coffee!…mmm…), to hanging out at a gorgeous sculpture garden,  to climbing the walls at Castle Hill Graffiti Wall, we’d already had an action packed day by noon!

 storyboardAustin001 storyboardAustin002 storyboardAustin003storyboardAustin042

Alisha and Marc are that couple that you always want to hang out with!  They’re super sweet……

storyboardAustin006 storyboardAustin007 storyboardAustin008 storyboardAustin009 storyboardAustin010

…..and seriously hilarious! ( :

storyboardAustin011 storyboardAustin012 storyboardAustin013 storyboardAustin014 storyboardAustin015 storyboardAustin016 storyboardAustin017

Just two goofballs…..( ;

  storyboardAustin019 storyboardAustin020 storyboardAustin021 storyboardAustin022 storyboardAustin023 storyboardAustin024 storyboardAustin025

MarcandAlisha1 storyboardAustin027 storyboardAustin028 storyboardAustin029 storyboardAustin030

Our final stop was at the Castle Hill Graffiti Wall.  Austin, you’re wonderful….


storyboardAustin031  storyboardAustin033  storyboardAustin035 storyboardAustin036 storyboardAustin037

Alisha!  Stop being so gorgeous!!!

storyboardAustin039 storyboardAustin040 storyboardAustin041

Lish-Lish and Marf,  you two are some of the most incredible love birds we have ever met.  To say we are SSSOOOOOO excited for you both and your upcoming special day would be a ggrrraaannnddd understatement!  We would wish you a happy future, but after seeing the two of you together for the last few years, we know that nothing but (continued) happiness is headed your way.  Way too much love to you both! xoxo

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