New Waverly, TX – Jessica and David’s Engagement Session

From the moment Jessica and I exchanged hello hugs I KNEW their session was going to be phenomenal!  And how could it not have been when have two totally in love, creative souls like Jessica and David in front of the camera?!

David and Jessica spent the morning setting up on David’s property in New Waverly and I cannot believe what a wonderful job they did!!!

It really was a tough struggle to ever put the camera down!!!! ( :

storyboardjessicadavidengagements001 storyboardjessicadavidengagements002


storyboardjessicadavidengagements003 storyboardjessicadavidengagements004


storyboardjessicadavidengagements005 storyboardjessicadavidengagements006


I loved the way David looked at Jessica!  So so sweet!

  storyboardjessicadavidengagements008  storyboardjessicadavidengagements010 storyboardjessicadavidengagements011

These two were such a perfect blend of heart melting and hilarious!


LADY!  You are so beautiful!!!!!

storyboardjessicadavidengagements013 storyboardjessicadavidengagements014

After lounging under a giant tree and playing a few chords on the guitars, Jessica and David changed into some vintage inspired outfits.  Could this session get any better?!?!

storyboardjessicadavidengagements015 storyboardjessicadavidengagements016 storyboardjessicadavidengagements017 storyboardjessicadavidengagements018 storyboardjessicadavidengagements019

I’m still in awe that David made this love tent without ANY strings or ties!  Its all sticks and vines and probably some magic tricks to defy gravity.  Right?  ( ;

storyboardjessicadavidengagements020 storyboardjessicadavidengagements021

The little flower details… the passionate kiss….. its just so romantic!


More favorites above and below!

storyboardjessicadavidengagements023 storyboardjessicadavidengagements024 storyboardjessicadavidengagements025

Jessica had the fantastic idea of finishing up their session with a little something to capture their playful sides…. PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!

storyboardjessicadavidengagements026 storyboardjessicadavidengagements027 storyboardjessicadavidengagements028 storyboardjessicadavidengagements029 storyboardjessicadavidengagements030 storyboardjessicadavidengagements031

And I have to say below is probably one of the most EPIC jump shots I have ever seen!!!!

storyboardjessicadavidengagements032 storyboardjessicadavidengagements033 storyboardjessicadavidengagements034

Jessica and David, I am so happy that the two of you found each other!… and well for myself too, because I got to spend an evening hanging out with such an adventurous and inspiring couple!!

I have no doubt that the passion and friendship you two share now will never fade, but will grow even more picturesque as you two get older and grayer ( :

Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!

2 Comments on “New Waverly, TX – Jessica and David’s Engagement Session

  1.  by  francs wriston

    jessica and david the pictures are beautiful–love the country and the down to earth pics of the two of you—-you can see the love from the both of you and i am so very happy two are so much in love–wishing all the best always –love grandma

  2.  by  patty and ike

    ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS we are so so happy for both of you….Jessica you are gorgeous girl!! David, I hope to meet you soon and make sure to take good care of our niece…..welcome to the family!! LOVE AND BEST WISHES ALWAYS Aunt Patty and Uncle Ike

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