The Woodlands, TX – The Edwards Family

Meet the Edwards family!  A trio full of energy with its star, Aubree, who I don’t think could be more adorable!!  During our session we got to explore a park, blow on “wishes”, and play with confetti!  Quite the Friday evening! ( :

storyboardEdwardsFamily001 storyboardEdwardsFamily002

Those eyes!  Aubree was very adventurous and incredibly cute, pretty sure that’s a dangerous combination! ( ;

storyboardEdwardsFamily003 storyboardEdwardsFamily004 storyboardEdwardsFamily005

This photo below makes my mommy heart happy!

storyboardEdwardsFamily006 storyboardEdwardsFamily007

That little smile!!!!!!

storyboardEdwardsFamily008 storyboardEdwardsFamily009 storyboardEdwardsFamily010

I love seeing a mama’s smile when she’s holding onto her family <3


Since Aubree did such a great job at, well being herself, we ended our session with some CONFETTI!!!  The way her face lit up when she tossed it was priceless!!!



Edwards family, thank you all so much for sharing your Friday evening with me!  With as busy as life can be, it was a very nice treat to get to see a family pause and savor the little moments!

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