Houston, TX – Katie and James Magnolia Hotel Wedding

Remember our power couple, Katie and James, from their fun Heights engagement session?  Well lucky us, their wedding day finally came!!!

This beautiful May wedding started with lots of sunshine and some bridal details that had us in wedding photography bliss!!!


These shoes had me practically drooling!  And I love how Katie added the coin for good luck!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding002 storyboardKatieJamesWedding003 storyboardKatieJamesWedding004 storyboardKatieJamesWedding005

We truly adored Katie’s attitude all day!  Not one bit of stress, just lots of excitement and a good sense of humor! ( :

storyboardKatieJamesWedding006 storyboardKatieJamesWedding007 storyboardKatieJamesWedding008 storyboardKatieJamesWedding009

Above and below, some getting ready favorites!  There were lots of smiles going around once Katie put on her beautiful gown!!


And of course, there were some tears too! <3

storyboardKatieJamesWedding011 storyboardKatieJamesWedding012 storyboardKatieJamesWedding013 storyboardKatieJamesWedding014 storyboardKatieJamesWedding015

After taking some sweet photos in the rose garden behind Katie’s parents home, we headed over to check on James and his guys!  And they were lookin sharp!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding016 storyboardKatieJamesWedding017 storyboardKatieJamesWedding018 storyboardKatieJamesWedding019storyboardKatieJamesWedding020 storyboardKatieJamesWedding021

Real men wear kilts!!! ( ;

storyboardKatieJamesWedding022 storyboardKatieJamesWedding023

And somehow before we knew it, everyone was arriving at the church, sounds from the bagpipes were filling the air, and it was time for this awesome duo to get married!!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding024 storyboardKatieJamesWedding025 storyboardKatieJamesWedding026 storyboardKatieJamesWedding027

After the veil and a couple final touches it was ceremony time!!!


storyboardKatieJamesWedding028  storyboardKatieJamesWedding030 storyboardKatieJamesWedding031 storyboardKatieJamesWedding032

Did I mention how insanely adorable the ring bearers were?!?!  Those bowties and suspenders were sooo cute!  I mean, rugged! ( :

storyboardKatieJamesWedding033 storyboardKatieJamesWedding034

It was hard to not shed some tears when seeing how proud Katie’s dad looked walking his stunning daughter down the isle!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding035 storyboardKatieJamesWedding036 storyboardKatieJamesWedding037

<3  That look on James’ face is priceless!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding038 storyboardKatieJamesWedding039 storyboardKatieJamesWedding040

Remember how I called this pair a power duo?  Their talents are endless and include singing!  Katie really has an incredible voice and James looked so sweet watching his almost wife!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding041 storyboardKatieJamesWedding042 storyboardKatieJamesWedding043 storyboardKatieJamesWedding044

Some favorites above and below…

storyboardKatieJamesWedding045 storyboardKatieJamesWedding046 storyboardKatieJamesWedding047 storyboardKatieJamesWedding048 storyboardKatieJamesWedding049 storyboardKatieJamesWedding050

And then, after a silent thanks, they sealed their vows with a kiss!!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding051 storyboardKatieJamesWedding052

After a quick break and some fun family photos, we headed to the elegant Magnolia Hotel for their reception!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding053 storyboardKatieJamesWedding054

Their colorful menus and unique book centerpieces were so fitting for these newlyweds!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding055 storyboardKatieJamesWedding056 storyboardKatieJamesWedding057

Did you see that guitar cake?!?!  Who could ever blame James for not wanting to cut it!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding058 storyboardKatieJamesWedding059 storyboardKatieJamesWedding060 storyboardKatieJamesWedding061

With such a beautiful setting and a fun crowd, it was hard to put the camera down!!


storyboardKatieJamesWedding062  storyboardKatieJamesWedding064 storyboardKatieJamesWedding065 storyboardKatieJamesWedding066 storyboardKatieJamesWedding067 storyboardKatieJamesWedding068 storyboardKatieJamesWedding069 storyboardKatieJamesWedding070

 It was so thoughtful of Katie and James to give their guests BeerSox, although some guests had already come prepared! ( :


After the guests had found their seats and settled in, the new Mr and Mrs O’Sullivan made their grand entrance!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding072 storyboardKatieJamesWedding073

Katie’s dad made such a great speech – just a perfect combination of honest, hilarious, and touching! ( :

storyboardKatieJamesWedding074 storyboardKatieJamesWedding075 storyboardKatieJamesWedding076 storyboardKatieJamesWedding077 storyboardKatieJamesWedding078 storyboardKatieJamesWedding079 storyboardKatieJamesWedding080 storyboardKatieJamesWedding081 storyboardKatieJamesWedding082 storyboardKatieJamesWedding083 storyboardKatieJamesWedding084 storyboardKatieJamesWedding085 storyboardKatieJamesWedding086 storyboardKatieJamesWedding087

After dinner and some mingling it was time for the maid of honor and best man to give their speeches!  They both had the guests laughing and wiping away tears! Although once Katie and James started dancing it was hard to keep those tears dry!  Their glances were of pure love!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding088 storyboardKatieJamesWedding089 storyboardKatieJamesWedding090 storyboardKatieJamesWedding091 storyboardKatieJamesWedding092 storyboardKatieJamesWedding093 storyboardKatieJamesWedding094 storyboardKatieJamesWedding095 storyboardKatieJamesWedding096 storyboardKatieJamesWedding097 storyboardKatieJamesWedding098 storyboardKatieJamesWedding099 storyboardKatieJamesWedding100

storyboardKatieJamesWedding101 storyboardKatieJamesWedding102 storyboardKatieJamesWedding103 storyboardKatieJamesWedding104

After the parent dances Katie and James invited their married guests to join them for an anniversary dance.  This is a really sweet tradition that allows you to recognize all your family or friends who have spent their lives together and also snag some good advice!  Katie’s grandparents were the last ones dancing and they couldn’t have been more inspiring!


Following Katie’s grandparents words of encouragement, it was time to boogie down!  This crown knew how to dance!!!

storyboardKatieJamesWedding105 storyboardKatieJamesWedding106 storyboardKatieJamesWedding107 storyboardKatieJamesWedding108   storyboardKatieJamesWedding111 storyboardKatieJamesWedding112 storyboardKatieJamesWedding113 storyboardKatieJamesWedding114 storyboardKatieJamesWedding115 storyboardKatieJamesWedding116 storyboardKatieJamesWedding117 storyboardKatieJamesWedding118

Katie and James, thank you two so much for allowing us to be a part of your action packed day!  Every detail reflected your talents and your love for each other, it really couldn’t have been more perfect!  We know the future holds nothing but more happiness and even bigger adventures for you two!  Cheers to you both, Mr and Mrs O’Sullivan!!!!!

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  1.  by  Danielle Bourgeois

    Thanks for sharing James and Katie’s beautiful wedding photos. These photos make me happy!

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