Chateau Polonez – Mina and Nick’s Wedding

Mina and Nick’s Paris themed wedding at Chateau Polonez seemed like such a fairy tale!  From the beautiful details, gorgeous bride, dashing groom, horse drawn carriage, really, I could keep going on!!!

storyboardMinaNickWedding001 storyboardMinaNickWedding002 storyboardMinaNickWedding003

We appreciated that Mina is a woman of choices, like having two wedding dresses to choose from!  And of course they were both stunning!

storyboardMinaNickWedding004 storyboardMinaNickWedding005 storyboardMinaNickWedding006 storyboardMinaNickWedding007 storyboardMinaNickWedding008 storyboardMinaNickWedding009 storyboardMinaNickWedding010 storyboardMinaNickWedding011

Love that bridal glow!!

storyboardMinaNickWedding012 storyboardMinaNickWedding013 storyboardMinaNickWedding014 storyboardMinaNickWedding015 storyboardMinaNickWedding016



After scoping out the venue and opening a super sweet surprise from her soon-to-be hubby, Mina was ready to get dressed!

storyboardMinaNickWedding018 storyboardMinaNickWedding019 storyboardMinaNickWedding020 storyboardMinaNickWedding021 storyboardMinaNickWedding022 storyboardMinaNickWedding023 storyboardMinaNickWedding024 storyboardMinaNickWedding025 storyboardMinaNickWedding026

Once the ladies had wrapped up their photos, we headed over to check on Nick and his guys.  I’m not sure we’ve ever met such an attentive group of men! ( ;








That smile – someone knows he’s a LUCKY man!




Inside or outside, these guys knew how to work the camera! ( ;

  storyboardMinaNickWedding168 storyboardMinaNickWedding169

Although Mina and Nick did not want to see each other before the ceremony, they wanted a moment (and some photos) together, so we did a blind first look.  I love how excited they both look!



Before we knew it, all the details were in place and it was time to get married!

storyboardMinaNickWedding030 storyboardMinaNickWedding031 storyboardMinaNickWedding032 storyboardMinaNickWedding033 storyboardMinaNickWedding034  storyboardMinaNickWedding036 storyboardMinaNickWedding037 storyboardMinaNickWedding038 storyboardMinaNickWedding039

Mina and her father rode in a dreamy horse drawn carriage to the isle.  It couldn’t have been a prettier entrance!!!!



storyboardMinaNickWedding040 storyboardMinaNickWedding041 storyboardMinaNickWedding042 storyboardMinaNickWedding043 storyboardMinaNickWedding044 storyboardMinaNickWedding045 storyboardMinaNickWedding046 storyboardMinaNickWedding047 storyboardMinaNickWedding048 storyboardMinaNickWedding049 storyboardMinaNickWedding050

Mina, you were breathtaking!!!!

storyboardMinaNickWedding051 storyboardMinaNickWedding052

And by the looks of Nick’s reaction, I think he might agree ( :

storyboardMinaNickWedding053 storyboardMinaNickWedding054 storyboardMinaNickWedding055 storyboardMinaNickWedding056 storyboardMinaNickWedding057 storyboardMinaNickWedding058 storyboardMinaNickWedding059

These two were all smiles their entire ceremony!

storyboardMinaNickWedding060 storyboardMinaNickWedding061 storyboardMinaNickWedding062 storyboardMinaNickWedding063 storyboardMinaNickWedding064

And then they sealed it with a kiss!!!!

storyboardMinaNickWedding065 storyboardMinaNickWedding066

Introducing, Mr and Mrs Wymore!!!!  How sweet is Nick’s reaction!?!

storyboardMinaNickWedding067 storyboardMinaNickWedding068   storyboardMinaNickWedding071 storyboardMinaNickWedding072 storyboardMinaNickWedding073 storyboardMinaNickWedding074 storyboardMinaNickWedding075

After just a few minutes of some golden sunlight and solo bride and groom photos, it was reception time.  See reception party face below.  This crowd was ready to get down!!!


storyboardMinaNickWedding077 storyboardMinaNickWedding078

We loved that they chose to use the Eiffel Tower as a major part of their reception decor.  After all, Nick proposed to Mina when they were on holiday in France!

storyboardMinaNickWedding079 storyboardMinaNickWedding080 storyboardMinaNickWedding081 storyboardMinaNickWedding082

New groom’s cake idea – beer tower!!  That’s a genius idea in our book!

  storyboardMinaNickWedding083 storyboardMinaNickWedding084 storyboardMinaNickWedding085 storyboardMinaNickWedding086 storyboardMinaNickWedding087 storyboardMinaNickWedding088 storyboardMinaNickWedding089 storyboardMinaNickWedding090

Immediately after their grand entrance, the entire wedding party and family kicked the party off with a group dance!

storyboardMinaNickWedding091 storyboardMinaNickWedding092 storyboardMinaNickWedding093 storyboardMinaNickWedding094 storyboardMinaNickWedding095 storyboardMinaNickWedding096 storyboardMinaNickWedding097


storyboardMinaNickWedding098 storyboardMinaNickWedding099 storyboardMinaNickWedding100 storyboardMinaNickWedding101 storyboardMinaNickWedding102

And did you think the party slowed down for dinner? NO!  They had an amazing mariachi band!

storyboardMinaNickWedding103 storyboardMinaNickWedding104 storyboardMinaNickWedding105 storyboardMinaNickWedding106

And a photobooth!!!


Oh, and a dance performance by the wedding party while the newlyweds ate dinner!  This group knows how to celebrate!!!!

storyboardMinaNickWedding109 storyboardMinaNickWedding110 storyboardMinaNickWedding111 storyboardMinaNickWedding112

They also had a super cute slide show!  What a great idea!

storyboardMinaNickWedding113 storyboardMinaNickWedding114 storyboardMinaNickWedding115 storyboardMinaNickWedding116 storyboardMinaNickWedding117 storyboardMinaNickWedding118 storyboardMinaNickWedding119 storyboardMinaNickWedding120


storyboardMinaNickWedding121 storyboardMinaNickWedding122

The best man and maid of honor speeches were the perfect combination of hilarious and sweet!

storyboardMinaNickWedding123 storyboardMinaNickWedding124 storyboardMinaNickWedding125 storyboardMinaNickWedding126 storyboardMinaNickWedding127 storyboardMinaNickWedding128 storyboardMinaNickWedding129 storyboardMinaNickWedding130 storyboardMinaNickWedding131 storyboardMinaNickWedding132 storyboardMinaNickWedding133 storyboardMinaNickWedding134 storyboardMinaNickWedding135 storyboardMinaNickWedding136 storyboardMinaNickWedding137

I have to point out that Mina’s brother deserves a special prize for catching this garter with 50 pounds of dead weight on his leg! ( :

storyboardMinaNickWedding138 storyboardMinaNickWedding139 storyboardMinaNickWedding140 storyboardMinaNickWedding141 storyboardMinaNickWedding142 storyboardMinaNickWedding143

Let’s see,  spontaneous conga line AND gingham style dance off?!?!?  Talk about a party!!!

storyboardMinaNickWedding145 storyboardMinaNickWedding146 storyboardMinaNickWedding147

After a quick change, Mina was back on the dance floor and still looking glamorous!!!

storyboardMinaNickWedding148 storyboardMinaNickWedding149 storyboardMinaNickWedding150 storyboardMinaNickWedding151 storyboardMinaNickWedding152

After a few sing alongs (future rockstars!!!), it was time to send this awesome couple off!

storyboardMinaNickWedding153 storyboardMinaNickWedding154 storyboardMinaNickWedding155 storyboardMinaNickWedding156

Mina and Nick, thank you both so much for allowing us to capture all the sweet and that silly that is your new family.  Every time we look back through these photos we remember every laugh we enjoyed and every time we had to wipe away tears.  Cheers to you both and to the beginning of your fairytale life together!!!

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