The Woodlands Engagement Session – Michelle and Josh’s Engagement Session

Fun and totally picturesque, can you believe Michelle and Josh were nervous about having their photos taken?!  I think they were just making it all up ( ;  We had a blast swatting away mosquitoes, throwing confetti, and even watching the summer sunset from the bed of a truck!  It really couldn’t have been a better Sunday!

storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements001 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements002

AHHH! That light and those smiles! <3

storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements003 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements004 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements005 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements006 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements007 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements008

Some favorites above and below!

storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements009 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements010 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements011 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements012

At the end of the session we decided to play with some confetti!  I asked for Michelle and Josh’s battle stances – pretty fierce! ( :

storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements013 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements014 storyboardMichelleandJoshEngagements015

And could there be a better way to wrap up this summer session than by sporting some Texans jerseys while sipping some cold beers on the end of a truck bed?  Obviously NOT!


Michelle and Josh, thank you two for making my Sunday an extra fun one!  You two were so laid-back and so entertaining the entire session, I don’t think August could come soon enough!  CHEERS to you both!!!!

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