Richmond, TX Wedding – Courtney and Dennis’ Safari Texas Ranch Wedding

Talk about the celebration of a lifetime!  When we arrived on Courtney and Dennis’ wedding day to a calm bride and an excited groom (awesome wedding party, too!) and we KNEW it was going to be a perfect day!!!

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG001  storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG003 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG004 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG005 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG006  storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG008 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG009 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG010 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG011

Courtney’s bridal party did an outstanding job keeping this bride together (literally!) and smiling!

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG012 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG013 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG014 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG015 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG016 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG017 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG018 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG019

Hello, Lovely!!!1 <3

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG020 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG021 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG022


After we got these glam ladies photographed, it was time for the guys to shine!

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG023 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG024

Dennis was ssssuuuucchhhh a sweet groom!  Good picking, Courtney!! ( :

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG025 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG026

Okay, lets take a moment to appreciate these guys.  I bet they’ll be getting a call from GQ any day now…..

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG027  storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG029

After some photos and some sips, we headed over to the Rose Chapel in Safari Texas Ranch to get ready for the “I do’s”.  Talk about a beautiful venue!  There were peacocks EVERYWHERE!!

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG030 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG031 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG032 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG033 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG034

Watching Dennis beaming as he walked down the isle made it hard to not tear up!

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG035 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG036 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG037


storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG038 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG039

Bridal bliss, Courtney you were stunning!!!!

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG040 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG041 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG042 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG043 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG044 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG045 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG046

And now, Mr and Mrs Vincik!!!!!

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG047 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG048

After LOTS of hugs and incredibly genuine well-wishes, we took a few minutes for family photos.  And EPIC wedding party portraits (and I don’t use that word loosely!).

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG049 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG050 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG051 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG052 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG053 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG054

Then it was time to get to the PPPPAAAAAAHHHHH-TAY!  Courtney and her mom did an amazing job on the decor (and bouquets!!!).

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG055 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG056 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG057 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG058 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG059 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG060 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG061 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG062 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG063 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG064 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG065 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG066 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG067 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG068storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG069


storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG071 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG072 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG073 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG074 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG075  storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG077 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG078

After some delicious cake and sentimental dances, it was time to cut loose!!!!

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG079 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG080 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG081 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG082 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG083 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG084 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG085

storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG086 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG087 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG088 storyboardCourtneyDennisBlOG089

And of course after the bouquet and garter toss, the dance moves got SERIOUS.  See below photo!



And to end the evening, best photo bomb of the night! ( :


Courtney and Dennis, thank you two so much for your trust and your ability to always make us laugh.  You two are so wonderful together and I can see exactly why that day had such a celebratory air about it!  We can’t put into words how happy it makes us to see two people so wonderful together commit to share all of the adventures to come, together.  Cheers to you both!!!!

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