Hodge Podge Lodge , Montgomery, Texas – Stacie and Kelly’s Wedding

Every detail of Stacie and Kelly’s wedding day was unbelievably special.  From the intimate feel of the venue Hodge Podge Lodge, to the handmade dress stitched by Staci’s mom and the laid-back flow guided by Kristin of Treasured Spaces, this celebration couldn’t have been a better reflection of this sweet new family!

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Not only did Stacie’s mom hand make her dress WHILE living in a different state, but she stitched a ladybug on the skirt.  “we <3 you Ladybug”.  This family had us constantly drying tears!!!




A good luck coin, a borrowed vintage necklace, a new dress, and a blue pettiskirt, Stacie had all of her bases covered – with STYLE!

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LOOOVVEEE!!!! Some favorites above and below!


After getting Stacie ready we headed over to Kelly’s room for some good music and heart-string tugging father daughter wedding prep time!


Ruby was so good at helping Kelly get ready ( :

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After he was dressed, Kelly opened a super thoughtful gift from Stacie. She has a gift at making everyone around her feel special <3


Even though it felt like we had just arrived, it was time for these two to officially become a family!!!


One of our most favorite ideas to date!  We just adored how meaningful every detail was!!!

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Ruby took her flower girl duties very seriously.  She was the epitome of precious!!!

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Stacie’s glowing smile and Kelly’s reaction made it hard to keep the tears from rolling!

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There were almost no dry eyes in the crowd.  Except one, but I think it was just because she was too busy beaming that gorgeous smile!

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Some favorite moments captured above and below.

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Stacie and Kelly included Ruby in a symbolic sand pouring ceremony to express the three of them becoming a family!  What a great way of showing Ruby how loved she is!!

storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG050 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG051

And then it was time to seal the commitment with a kiss!!!!

storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG052 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG053 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG054 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG055 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG056 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG057 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG058 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG059  storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG061


Heart. Officially. Melted.


Stacie, the love in your eyes and the happiness in your smile is immeasurable!

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While we took a few minutes for formal photos and some of just Stacie and Kelly, the final touches were added to the reception area.  This day just kept getting more and more beautiful!!!


LOVE the vintage handkerchiefs!!!

storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG069 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG070

And matching gold and silver utensils might just be my new favorite thing!!!


A Different Bloom did such an elegant and picturesque job on Stacie’s bouquet and table decor!!!

storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG072 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG073 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG074 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG075 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG076

storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG077 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG078 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG079 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG080 storyboardStaciKellyWeddingBLOG081

After the cake cutting it was time for first dances…..

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And before we knew it, it was time to say congratulations and good night!


Stacie and Kelly, thank you for allowing us to be a part of something to intimate and so genuine.  We were truly honored to be a part of your family’s special day, a day that was just meant to be.  Like Elvis sang,

“Darling so it goes, some things are meant to be, take my hand, take my whole life too, for I can’t help falling in love with you”.

Congratulations, forever!!!!

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