The Woodlands, TX Engagement Session – Kara and Matthew’s Engagement Session

Its hard for me to believe these two have never had their photos taken together!  The tromped through mud and fought off mosquitoes and still managed to keep each other laughing (and me smiling) their entire session!  Let’s just say they’re new photo pros! ( :

storyboardKaraMatthewEngagementsBLOG001 storyboardKaraMatthewEngagementsBLOG002 storyboardKaraMatthewEngagementsBLOG003



I can’t help but admire how sweet and fun they were together!!!

storyboardKaraMatthewEngagementsBLOG005  storyboardKaraMatthewEngagementsBLOG007



Some favorites above and below…..

storyboardKaraMatthewEngagementsBLOG009 storyboardKaraMatthewEngagementsBLOG010 storyboardKaraMatthewEngagementsBLOG011 storyboardKaraMatthewEngagementsBLOG012

Kara and Matthew, I’m so excited for February so we can celebrate the exciting start of a new chapter for you two!  And just from spending a little bit of time with you both, I know its going to be a beautiful adventure!  Let the countdown begin!!! ( :

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