The Woodlands, TX Portrait Session – Jenna’s First Birthday Portraits

Talk about a sophisticated little lady!  For Jenna’s first birthday session she enjoyed some family snuggle time, modeling a long string of pearls and Tiffany’s boxes, and cheers-ing her big brother Colton (who happens to be one of the sweetest big brothers I’ve ever met)!!!

storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG001 storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG002

So much personality for one!!!  And such a Daddy’s girl!

storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG003 storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG004

<3  Nothing better than hugs from Mommy!


Jenna was such a natural!

storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG006 storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG007 storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG008

Baby rolls and piggy toes are some of my most favorite things in the life!!!

storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG009 storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG010 storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG011 storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG012 storyboardGreenleeFamilyBLOG013

Jenna, Colton, Mom, and Dad – thank you all so much for braving the rain and sharing this special moment for your family with me!  Tell Jenna to take her time growing up- oh, and next year I’ll be expecting to see her again with diamonds !!! ( :  Happy O-N-E little lady!!!

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