Mercer Arboretum Engagements – Keri and Sean’s Engagement Session

When I grow up, I want to be as ridiculously good looking and as insanely fun as Keri and Sean.  These two braved thunderstorms and water moccasins with smiles during their engagement session at the Mercer Arboretum, not that you could ever tell! ( :

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One of my favorites below!

storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG008 storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG009 storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG010 storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG011

I loved how adventurous Keri and Sean were!  1,000 degree weather and a snake sighting – perfect spot for photos!!!

storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG012 storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG013

Some favorites above and below!!  See, Sean, you’re a natural! ( ;



storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG015  storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG017


storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG018 storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG019

After a quick outfit change (best shirt EVER, Sean!) it was time for some serious splashing…..


…which almost turned into swimming!!! ( ;

storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG021 storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG022 storyboardKeriSeanEngagementsBLOG023

Keri and Sean, how are you all so much fun?  Our time together passed so quickly and I think I laughed as much looking back through your photos as I did during your session!  I cannot wait for your wedding (we’ll have time to all have to play Cards Against Humanity then, right?)!!!   T minus eight and a half months!!! ( :

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