Houston, TX Arboretum – Henry’s One Year Session

The second I saw the Winter family walking up at the Houston Arboretum, I couldn’t help but smile.  Henry, the star of the session, was happily riding on his Daddy’s shoulders, and really, the entire session was just one big play date! ( :


I LOVE that one little toof!!!

storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG002 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG003 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG004 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG005 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG006 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG007 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG008

<3  He is quite the adventurous little man!

storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG009 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG010 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG011

That bellybutton!!!!


Henry is a lucky little man to have as sweet of a Daddy as Philip!!!

storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG013 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG014 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG015

And of course, as loving of a Mommy as Tracy!!!



Think Henry found a favorite story…. ( :

storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG018 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG019 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG020 storyboardWinterFamilyBLOG021

Tracy, Philip, and the big O-N-E year old Henry – thank you all so much for such a fun morning and for traveling all the way from Uruguay to spend time with me!!! Same time next year at your place? ( ;

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