Sugarland, TX Portraits – Oliver’s One Year Birthday Session

The first time I met Oliver he was wearing a pinstriped vest and a button up shirt.  The second time we met I got to spend an entire morning wrapped up in his smile!  Let me tell you, does this little man knows how to melt a mommy’s heart, and I have photographic evidence to prove it! ( :


AHH! Those little piggies!!!  It was so hard to not tickle them! ( :



<3 <3 <3

storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG004 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG005

Sunshine and a son’s hugs make for the most picture perfect morning imaginable!!!

storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG006 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG007 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG008 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG009 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG010 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG011 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG012 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG013

After some splashing and lots of playing with his soccer ball, Oliver finally got to taste his first birthday candle, I mean cake!!!

storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG014 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG015

He didn’t seem to sure at first…..

storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG016 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG017

but after a couple of more tries I think we can all agree he LOVED it! ( :

storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG018 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG019
And he even shared some with his leading lady!!! ( :

storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG020 storyboardOliversfirstbdayBLOG021

Megan is one of the sweetest Moms ever!!  Covered in cake and playing outside in the Texas summer heat, she still had energy for some birthday hugs and kisses!!!


Oliver and Mommy Megan, thank you both for sharing such a warm and sugary sweet morning with me!  Each hug, kiss and laugh made my heart remember how precious those first twelve months are!  Congratulations on growing together this first and unforgettable year.  Big hugs!!!!!

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