5226 Elm Wedding, Houston, TX – Nicki and Sam’s Wedding

Remember that awesome couple who made you want a vespa, tattoos and maybe even purple hair (refresh your memory, check out their session)?  Well, Nicki and Sam fffiiinnnaaallllyyyy got married!  Imagine a day surrounded by their friends and family, some of the friendliest, most down-to-earth (and insanely photogenic), people around!  How could we be so lucky?!?!

Our day started at the lovely Hotel ZaZa photographing one dazzling bride-to-be!


storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG001 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG002

Confession…. I’m still drooling over those shoes!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG003 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG004

That dress!!!….

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG005 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG006

Those colors!!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG007 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG008

What’s cuter than a little flower girl who wants to be just like the bride?!  Besides, who doesn’t want blue hair?!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG010 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG011 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG012

After Nicki finished her make-up, we headed over to their super cool venue, Fifty Two Twenty Six Elm.  I felt like I had been teleported to L.A.!!!storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG013

I have to say, the groom’s room was probably one of the coolest rooms EVER!!!  Perfect for Sam, of course! ( ;

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG014 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG015 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG016 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG017

When I grow up, I want to be as photogenic as Sam!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG018  storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG020

After getting the guys decent, we headed back to Nicki just in time to get her dressed!!!


One of my favorites, below!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG022 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG023   storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG026 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG027

One of the things I kept noticing was HOW excited Nicki and Sam’s friends were for them.  I could see both Nicki soaking up her wedding day and her friends loving every second of helping her get ready!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG028 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG029 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG030

Just as Nicki finished getting dressed, Sam was in position waiting to see his bride for their first look.  First looks always make my heart melt!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG033 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG034 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG035

Heart. Officially. Melted!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG036  storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG038 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG039 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG040 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG041 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG042

I loved catching the groomsmen peaking in on the first look.  See, this group was one of a kind!!!




After some alone time during the first look, we snuck Nicki and Sam back into their rooms and watched the happy guests arrive!  Before we could even blink Sam was ready to watch his future wife walk down the isle!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG045 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG046 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG047 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG048 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG049

Nicki…. she was beyond beautiful.  Looking back on the photos I couldn’t help but tear up seeing her radiating happiness and smiling at every friend watching her!  sniff, sniff….


And of course Sam’s sweet reaction didn’t help dry the tears either!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG051 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG052 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG053 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG054 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG055 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG056 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG057 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG058 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG059

Nicki and Sam are such a perfect blend of sentimental, serious, fun, and creative, so, why wouldn’t their flower girl be?! ( ;

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG060 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG061 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG062 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG063 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG064

After some tender vows and the exchange of rings, it was time for the big kiss!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG065 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG066

And they were married!!!!!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG067 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG068 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG069 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG070

The colors, the lighting, the succulents, the cupcakes(!!!!), Nicki and Sam know how to throw a celebration!!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG072 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG073 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG074 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG075 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG076 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG077 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG078 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG079 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG080 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG081 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG082 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG083 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG084 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG085 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG086 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG087 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG088 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG089 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG090 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG091 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG092 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG093 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG094

The toasts were such a perfect blend of uplifting and incriminating! ( ;

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG096 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG097 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG098 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG099 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG100 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG101 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG102

And before we knew it, everyone was bustin some moves!!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG103 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG104 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG105 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG106 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG107 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG108

And then it was time for a sparkler send-off!!!

storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG109 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG110 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG111 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG112 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG113 storyboardNickiSamWeddingBLOG114

Nicki and Sam, we cannot thank you two enough for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful beginning.  The two of you are so kind, so talented, so modest, so easy-going, we can’t tell you how lucky we feel to get to capture and now share these amazing moments from your wedding.  The love you two have is so real its like a breath of fresh air, and you both deserve every moment of happiness you have together.  Cheers to your now and to your future!!!!!! Congrats on the promotion of “The Sam Show!!!” (kidding!!!)!

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