Austin, TX Engagement Session – Katie and Matt’s Morning Engagements

Its hard to believe that I met Katie a few years back when she worked for the American Diabetes Association and I volunteered to photograph one of their fundraising walks.  I remember her telling me that if she ever got married, she would contact me.  And I have to admit, the day I got her e-mail reconnecting and telling me about the man of her dreams, I couldn’t have been happier!  Even though Katie is in Austin and Matt is in Dallas, these two are still so connected and so sweet together, I couldn’t feel luckier that she remembered me (and that Matt agreed!!)! ( :

Katie and Matt’s engagement session started at the very special location of Mount Bonnell, where my husband and I were married almost 5 years ago!


And the sunrise was gorgeous, mostly because these two were set in front of it! ( :





Nothing like a Saturday morning champagne and cheese breakfast!

storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG005  storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG007

Katie – here’s a little #MCM photo for you! ( ;

storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG008 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG009

After watching the sunrise, we headed over to the UT Austin campus, where Katie and Matt fell in love! <3

storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG010 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG011 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG012 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG013

Hello, Lovely!

storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG014 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG015 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG016 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG017

Not only are these two insanely sweet, but they have an awesome sense of humor – see paparazzi waving photo below!

storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG018 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG019 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG020 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG021 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG022 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG024

Below and left, Turtle Pond, where Katie fell for Matt after hearing Matt almost falling….I mean falling for Katie, too! (secrets safe with me, Matt!)

storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG025 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG026 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG027 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG028 storyboardKatieMattEngagementsBLOG029

Katie and Matt, thank you to for spending a warm Saturday morning with me, showing me the beautiful sights of Austin and reminding me of how lucky I am to “work” with such happy and hilarious couples!!!

I cannot wait for your wedding and for all of your adventures to come!!!  Cheers!!!!!!

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