Long Island, New York Engagement Session – Lindsey and Niki’s Engagements

Its been a while since we visited New York to hang out with Lindsey and Niki, but I still remember my breath being taken away by New York City’s epic views and Lindsey and Niki’s sweet snuggling!

storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG001  storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG003 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG004

Lindsey managed to turn that pier into a runway!  GORGEOUS!



storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG007 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG008


storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG009 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG010 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG011 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG012 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG013 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG014 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG015 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG016 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG017 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG018 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG019

Some favorites above and below!!!

storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG020 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG021 storyboadLindseyNikiEngagementsBLOG022

Lindsey and Niki, thank you both soooo much for showing us around New York City, saving David’s life,  and introducing us to Cotes du Rhone!!!  We are beyond excited to rendezvous with you two next summer in North Carolina for your big day!!!!

Cheers to you both!!!!!

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