Houston, TX Engagements- Amber and Alex’s Downtown Engagement Session

The first time I was lucky enough to get to hang out with Amber and Alex, it seemed like less of a work consultation and more of catching up with old friends at happy hour.  This duo is so lively, from witty jokes to sweet snuggles, their session had me feeling like the luckiest photographer EVER!

Dressed to the nines, we started Amber and Alex’s session at the Japanese Gardens in Hermann Park!

storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG001 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG002

<3  Love that smile, Amber!!!



storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG004 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG005 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG006 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG007

The way Alex looked at Amber, its heart melting!

storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG008  storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG010 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG011 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG012

Not only are they funny and sweet, but they’re adventurous too! ( ;

storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG013 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG014 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG015 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG016 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG017 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG018 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG019

Some favorites above and below!


Amber, here’s a MCM pic for you ( ;


After the Japanese Gardens, we headed to the Heights, which brought back a lot of memories for these two!

storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG023 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG024

We even got to take some family photos with their adorable furry children, who by the way are insanely photogenic!!!


storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG027 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG028 storyboadAmberAlexEngagementsBLOG029

Amber and Alex, thank you so much for an amazing Sunday afternoon!  I’m super excited for your big day and maybe even to get to try one of your award winning margaritas!  CHEERS to you both!!!!

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