Montgomery, TX – Megan and Will’s Hodge Podge Lodge Wedding

From the second I stepped out of my car and walked into Hodge Podge Lodge, it was nearly impossible to put the camera down!!  Megan and Will’s wedding day was not only filled with beautiful details in EVERY direction, but this sweet couple and their hilarious family had me laughing and wiping away tears all day long!

storyboadMeganWillWedding001 storyboadMeganWillWedding002 storyboadMeganWillWedding003 storyboadMeganWillWedding004 storyboadMeganWillWedding005

These beautiful florals were created by the incredibly talented Gilmore’s Florist!

storyboadMeganWillWedding006 storyboadMeganWillWedding007 storyboadMeganWillWedding008

Those shoes!!!  Those dresses!!!  Those hangers! EVERY.SINGLE.DETAIL had me swooning!!!!!

storyboadMeganWillWedding009 storyboadMeganWillWedding010 storyboadMeganWillWedding011 storyboadMeganWillWedding012 storyboadMeganWillWedding013 storyboadMeganWillWedding014 storyboadMeganWillWedding015 storyboadMeganWillWedding016

Hello, Lovelies!


Before I knew it, Megan was ready to put her stunning gown on!!!

storyboadMeganWillWedding018 storyboadMeganWillWedding019

And the reaction was PERFECT!!! <3

storyboadMeganWillWedding020 storyboadMeganWillWedding021

Will made it pretty much impossible for Megan to not cry!  Sweet note + classic pearls = instant tears!!!  Luckily Charmed by Tonya did a fabulous job on Megan’s make-up, so after a couple of dabs with a tissue, it was back to smiling and enjoying the day!!


After getting Megan dressed, we headed over to see what Will and his guys were up to!

storyboadMeganWillWedding023 storyboadMeganWillWedding024 storyboadMeganWillWedding025 storyboadMeganWillWedding026 storyboadMeganWillWedding027 storyboadMeganWillWedding028 storyboadMeganWillWedding029

Just prior to the ceremony we took a minute for a very heartfelt blind first look.  I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the room!!!  And then it was time for the ceremony!!!


Treasured Spaces and Sweet Tea and Linen did an unbelievably amazing job with the planning and decor of Megan and Will’s entire day!  I mean, LOOK at the ceremony site!

storyboadMeganWillWedding031 storyboadMeganWillWedding032

I loved watching the excitement and anticipation on Will’s face!!! It was priceless and heart melting!

storyboadMeganWillWedding033 storyboadMeganWillWedding034 storyboadMeganWillWedding035 storyboadMeganWillWedding036 storyboadMeganWillWedding037 storyboadMeganWillWedding038

Megan, you were an absolutely GLOWING bride!!!

storyboadMeganWillWedding039 storyboadMeganWillWedding040 storyboadMeganWillWedding041 storyboadMeganWillWedding042


storyboadMeganWillWedding043 storyboadMeganWillWedding044 storyboadMeganWillWedding045 storyboadMeganWillWedding046

And they sealed it with a kiss!!!!!

storyboadMeganWillWedding047 storyboadMeganWillWedding048 storyboadMeganWillWedding049

Immediately after their ceremony, we took some time for family photos and solo photos of the newlyweds in that gorgeous, golden light!


Some favorites above and below!!!

storyboadMeganWillWedding051 storyboadMeganWillWedding052 storyboadMeganWillWedding053 storyboadMeganWillWedding054 storyboadMeganWillWedding055 storyboadMeganWillWedding056 storyboadMeganWillWedding057

Picture perfect (and delicious) cake by Dream Cakes!

storyboadMeganWillWedding058 storyboadMeganWillWedding059

I loved that the cake topper from Megan’s grandparent’s wedding was used as a special part of Megan and Will’s cake table decor!  It was the icing on the cake!! ( ;

storyboadMeganWillWedding060 storyboadMeganWillWedding061 storyboadMeganWillWedding062 storyboadMeganWillWedding063 storyboadMeganWillWedding064

Their reception decor was sssoooooo dreamy!  From the chairs to the flowers to even the hanging lamp shades, they definitely thought of every detail!

storyboadMeganWillWedding065 storyboadMeganWillWedding066 storyboadMeganWillWedding067 storyboadMeganWillWedding068 storyboadMeganWillWedding069 storyboadMeganWillWedding070

Once Megan and Will made their grand entrance as the new Mr and Mrs, it was time to celebrate!

storyboadMeganWillWedding071 storyboadMeganWillWedding072 storyboadMeganWillWedding073 storyboadMeganWillWedding074

Toasts and dancing, some of my favorite wedding moments!

storyboadMeganWillWedding075 storyboadMeganWillWedding076 storyboadMeganWillWedding077 storyboadMeganWillWedding078 storyboadMeganWillWedding079 storyboadMeganWillWedding080 storyboadMeganWillWedding081 storyboadMeganWillWedding082 storyboadMeganWillWedding083 storyboadMeganWillWedding084

You have to apprecaite a woman who is gorgeous AND has an awesome sense of humor!  Megan got Will gooooood!!!! ( :

storyboadMeganWillWedding085 storyboadMeganWillWedding086

<3 <3 <3


Not only did Megan and Will have a tasty wedding cake, but they also had an entire dessert table filled with all sorts of drool worthy pies!!!

storyboadMeganWillWedding088 storyboadMeganWillWedding089 storyboadMeganWillWedding090 storyboadMeganWillWedding091 storyboadMeganWillWedding092 storyboadMeganWillWedding093

But somehow before long, they were dancing their last dance and getting ready for an action packed send off!!

storyboadMeganWillWedding094 storyboadMeganWillWedding095

Megan and Will, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your tears, your laughs, and your crazy dance moves!  We had so much fun with your family and friends, and are still in awe of the love and support you two have from everyone around you!  Cheers to the beautiful future ahead of your new family!!!