Houston, TX – Brea and Corey’s Gardens of Bammel Lane Wedding

Brea and Corey’s wedding day was such a whirlwind of NON-STOP fun!

Considering our day started off  at Brasserie 19, we knew we had one dapper groom who would be ready for photos! ( :

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding001 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding002 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding003 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding004 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding005 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding006 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding007 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding008

After gushing over how smooth Corey’s crew looked, we headed over to the JW Marriott downtown in time to catch Corey’s stunning bride getting ready!!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding009 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding010 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding011

Talk about a bride with incredible style!  Brea, you are ssssoooo good!!!!!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding012 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding013


storyboadBreaCoreyWedding014 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding015 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding016 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding017 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding018

After some champagne and a few tears, we headed over to The Gardens of Bammel Lane to get ready for Brea and Corey to say “I do”!!!!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding023      storyboadBreaCoreyWedding029

But before the ceremony started, Corey sent his groomsmen to surprise Brea with a beautiful gift and the sweetest note I’ve ever read!!!!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding031  storyboadBreaCoreyWedding033 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding034 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding035

And before we knew it, the conservatory was so packed you could feel the excitement in the air!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding036  storyboadBreaCoreyWedding038 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding039 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding040 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding041 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding042

That look! <3 <3 <3


Some favorites above and below!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding044 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding045 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding046 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding047 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding048

And they were married!!!!!!!!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding049 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding050 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding051 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding052 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding053

After a few photos with family and friends we headed across the street to Lamar High School for some urban photos with awesome pops of turquoise!!!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding054 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding055 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding056

Seriously…. these two made it impossible to put the camera down!!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding057 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding058 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding059 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding060 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding061

And then it was time to PARRRRRTY!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding062storyboadBreaCoreyWedding026 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding025 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding024 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding022 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding021 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding020 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding019 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding027storyboadBreaCoreyWedding097storyboadBreaCoreyWedding028

  storyboadBreaCoreyWedding065 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding063storyboadBreaCoreyWedding067 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding068 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding069 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding070  storyboadBreaCoreyWedding072 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding073 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding074

The guests had an awesome time taking photos in an old VW Bus turned into a mobile photobooth!  Be sure to check out PhotoMoto!!!

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding075 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding076 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding077 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding078 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding079 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding080


storyboadBreaCoreyWedding081 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding082 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding083 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding084 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding085 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding086 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding087

<3 <3 <3

storyboadBreaCoreyWedding088 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding089 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding098storyboadBreaCoreyWedding091 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding092 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding093 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding094 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding095 storyboadBreaCoreyWedding096

Brea and Corey, thank you both soooo much for letting us be a part of your wedding PARTY!  The two of you are such a perfect combination of sweet and something seriously fun!!!!

I cannot wait to see of the adventures that are ahead of you two.  If there is one thing I know, it is that life will never be boring with the two of you together!!!! ( :