Spring, TX Engagement Session – Megan and Robert’s Engagement Session!

The weather is changing temperatures, the leaves are changing colors, and these two sweet souls are getting ready to be married!!!!!


Robert did an stellar job picking out Megan’s ring!  Could it be any more perfect?!

storyboadMeganRobertEngagements002 storyboadMeganRobertEngagements003

I loved how sincere and snugly these two were!

storyboadMeganRobertEngagements004 storyboadMeganRobertEngagements005


HELLO Gorgeous! ( :

storyboadMeganRobertEngagements007 storyboadMeganRobertEngagements008 storyboadMeganRobertEngagements009 storyboadMeganRobertEngagements010



Megan and Robert, thank you two so much for spending your afternoon climbing benches, walking through an entire park in your wedding heels, and making me super excited for December!  I cannot wait to see you two say “I do”!!!!  Cheers!