Houston, TX Engagement Session – Whitney and Gene’s Montrose Engagement Session

It was so exciting and romantic getting to photograph Whitney and Gene in some of the same locations that they first met, they had their first date, and where they grew inseparable!

And could they have picked a better spot than the Black Labrador?!  Yummy drinks and an atmosphere that makes you feel so far away from the middle of our city!

StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession001 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession002 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession003 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession004 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession005

Hello, Gorgeous!!!!


StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession006 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession007 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession008 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession009

Some favorites above and below!!! <3

StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession010 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession011 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession012 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession013

After a quick outfit change (Whitney, can we please swap wardrobes?!), we headed to the street where their lives grew closer together and where their everyday, family memories grew!

StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession014 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession015

That afternoon light, Gene’s sweet hugs, and Whitney’s bright smile…. talk about a perfect Sunday!!!

StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession016 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession017 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession018 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession019 StoryboardWhitneyandGeneEngagementSession020

Whitney and Gene, thank you two so much for sharing a part of your history with me!  I am beyond excited to toast you both after you say “I do” this summer!

Cheers to the future Mr and Mrs Brieck!!!