Montgomery, TX Wedding – Dana and Jeremy’s Outdoor Spring Wedding

Sometimes the best way to celebrate your new life together is with is in the company of your closest family and friends and and at a place like home (and seriously photogenic)!  Dana and Jeremy’s wedding day was literally all sunshine – a glowing bride and carefree groom, and seriously perfect Spring weather!


We loved Dana’s bouquet, the soft succulents mixed with bright pops of beautiful flowers.  created by the talented Blythe & Co.

StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding002 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding003 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding004 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding005 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding006 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding007


After hanging out with Dana and her ladies, we headed over to get Jeremy dressed for their first look!  I always love seeing the Groom’s excited smile when I tell him its time to get ready to see his bride!

  StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding009 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding010 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding011 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding012 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding013 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding014 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding015 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding016

One of my favorite things about Dana and Jeremy is how they can be so swet one moment and laughing hysterically the next.  Its really is a perfect balance <3

StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding017 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding018 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding019 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding020 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding021 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding022 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding023

After a first look and some formal photos, it was time to get married!!!!  A Splendid Event did a great job taking care of the details and creating a relaxed, yet organized wedding day!

StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding024 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding025 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding026 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding027 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding028 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding029 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding030 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding031 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding032 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding033 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding034 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding035  StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding037

And then they were MARRIED!!!!!

StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding038 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding039 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding040 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding041 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding042

It was so much fun getting to play in the wildflowers AND hang out with the family goat.  Really, what more could you want to do on your wedding day?!

StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding043 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding044 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding045 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding046 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding047 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding048 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding049 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding050 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding051 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding052 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding053 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding054

Some favorites above and below….

StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding055 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding056  StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding058

StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding059 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding060 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding061 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding062

After heartfelt first dances,  tear jerking and sincere toasts, and one hilarious cupcake tasting, it was time to party!!!

Obviously these two sisters knew the drill! <3


StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding063 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding064 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding065 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding066 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding067 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding068 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding069  StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding071 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding072 StoryboardDanaandJeremyWedding073

Dana and Jeremy, thank you both so much for reminding us that a wedding can be a day of gut busting laughter AND seriously heart melting moments.  Spending the day watching the two of you begin your new chapter together was unforgettable.  Cheers to you both and to the countless number of days you have enjoying each others good humor together!!!!