Houston, TX Wedding – Kelsey and Zach’s River Oaks Garden Club Wedding

From the moment I met with Kelsey and Zach, I was counting down the days until their spring wedding!  Easy going, sweet, and a ton of fun, their wedding day was full of beautiful details and heartfelt moments that still make me smile!

We started the day with Kelsey and her ladies, getting their hair and makeup done by Charmed by Tonya, enjoying massages to help relax, and sipping on mimosas, because, why not?!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding001 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding002 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding003 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding004 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding005

After spending some time with the ladies, we headed over to photograph Zach and his guys in uniform AND suits getting ready!  I’ve never felt so important as I did when guiding a large group of men in uniforms and suits to a location for some outdoor photos….

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding006 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding007 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding008 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding009 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding010 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding011 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding012

Then it was time to head to the beautiful River Oaks Garden Club!  I really cannot imagine any other time of the year being more radiant than spring at this picturesque venue!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding013 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding014  StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding016

Kelsey had such a gorgeous glow all day!!!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding015 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding017 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding018 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding019

And once she was dressed it was time get capture some playful details and then, GET MARRIED!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding020 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding021 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding022 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding023 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding024 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding025 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding026

It was totally impossible to keep a dry eye while watching Zach’s reaction to seeing Kelsey for the first time….

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding027 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding028 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding029 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding030

Some favorites above and below!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding031 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding032 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding033

And of course if you’re a helicopter pilot  in the US Coast Gaurd like Zach you couldn’t NOT have a helicopter fly over your wedding!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding034 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding035 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding036 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding037 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding038 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding039 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding040 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding041 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding042

After a dreamy ceremony and lots of congratulations from family, it was time to celebrate!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding043 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding044 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding045 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding046 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding047 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding048 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding049 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding050 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding051

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding053 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding052  StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding054

Yes, that IS a grand entrance!!!!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding055 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding056 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding057 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding058 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding059 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding060 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding061 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding062 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding063 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding064 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding065 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding066

From the ceremony details to the first dance and cake cutting, Stephanye Lynn Wedding and Event Design did a fantastic job keeping the fun rolling!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding067 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding068 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding069 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding070 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding071 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding072 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding073 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding074 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding075 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding076

And after a few dances and drinks, it was time to wish these newlyweds a goodnight!!!

StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding077 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding078 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding079 StoryboardKelseyandZachWedding080

Kelsey and Zach, thank you both so much for letting us be a part of the celebration of two incredibly kind and sincere people becoming one overwhelmingly warm and loving family!!!  We couldn’t salute a more wonderful couple!  Cheers to the newlyweds!!!