A Sunny Woodlands Maternity Session – Katie + David = 3

The other day we were able to spend a sunny evening with Katie, David, and their little lady-to-be!  Can you believe this gorgeous mama is already 36 weeks along in these photos?!!?!  Her glow is beyond stunning!



Hadley-to-be’s nursery is bird themed, so we couldn’t resist making a little love nest! ( :



I love seeing a father’s adoration for his ladies



We loved ending their session with a sunset picnic and a cheers to the exciting weeks ahead!





Katie and David, thank you both so much for letting us briefly freeze this exciting moment in your lives.  And we say “moment” because before you know it your little bundle of joy will be here, then she’ll be starting school and loosing her front teeth, then boys will start calling and all of a sudden you’ll be helping her pack for college…..okay, maybe we’re getting a little carried away, but we promise that the instant you meet her time will be the most precious gift you’ve ever know.  And you’ll always want more of it with her….we know you’ll cherish every second.  Congrats, Mommy and Daddy! Big tummy hug!!!!

One Comment on “A Sunny Woodlands Maternity Session – Katie + David = 3

  1.  by  Trish

    You take such amazing photographs. Such a beautiful Maternity session, so sweet.
    Can’t wait to have you do our wedding, seriously… CAN’T WAIT!
    Love the blog, can’t wait to see what you have coming up!

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