The Silver Lining – Irene and Ricky’s Engagements

At first we were so sad that we had to reschedule Irene and Ricky’s engagement session due to the black clouds which were followed by flash floods, hail, and howling winds!  We were bummed until the next morning when we woke up to BEAUTIFUL sunshine and this playful duo!

BarthBLOG1 BarthBLOG2

One of the sweetest couples we’ve ever met!

BarthBLOG3 BarthBLOG4 BarthBLOG5

Not sure I’m believe this is the first time they’ve had photos taken together….hhhmmm…( ;

BarthBLOG6 BarthBLOG7 BarthBLOG8

We adored the way that Ricky looked at Irene.  LOVE.

BarthBLOG9 BarthBLOG10 BarthBLOG11 BarthBLOG12

Seriously, they were just so sweet their entire session!

BarthBLOG13 BarthBLOG14 BarthBLOG15 BarthBLOG16  BarthBLOG18 BarthBLOG19 BarthBLOG20

Then we headed to our second location for a few more photos.

BarthBLOG21 BarthBLOG22

And (my) awful jokes, which they very politely laughed at (thank you both!!!)

BarthBLOG23 BarthBLOG24


BarthBLOG25 BarthBLOG26

Oh, and you know, just some awesome dance moves in the middle of a random field.  Typical weekend morning ( ;


Irene and Ricky, we are SOOOOOOO excited for your wedding next month (well, one month and one day to be exact!!!).  We can’t wait to watch you say “I do” and begin your life together!  Hurry up, June!

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