Choosing Happiness – Jean Aynn and Andy

Being the only “guest” that witnesses a couple committing themselves to each other for the rest of their lives is such a powerful experience.  Seeing the excitement on Jean Aynn and Andy’s faces and hearing their soft voices so clearly repeat their vows, it was so beautiful and so refreshing.  Sometimes all you need is that ONE other person and everything in life is special……

JeanAynnBLOG1 JeanAynnBLOG2 JeanAynnBLOG3 JeanAynnBLOG4 JeanAynnBLOG5 JeanAynnBLOG6 JeanAynnBLOG7

After the ceremony, we braved the Texas heat and headed outside for some photos.  I love how excited they were the whole time ( :

JeanAynnBLOG8 JeanAynnBLOG9 JeanAynnBLOG10 JeanAynnBLOG11 JeanAynnBLOG12

Oh, excited and hilarious.  How could you not appreciate a good sense of humor?!

JeanAynnBLOG13 JeanAynnBLOG14 JeanAynnBLOG15 JeanAynnBLOG16 JeanAynnBLOG17 JeanAynnBLOG19 JeanAynnBLOG30

Jean Aynn and Andy, thank you for choosing happiness and thank you for sharing some of it with me.  In our short time together you both showed me a love and a respect for yourselves and for others that was absolutely refreshing.   Hope you finally got to enjoy that nice glass (or bottle) of champagne to celebrate!  Cheers to you both!

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