Baby Hadley – Woodlands Newborn Session

FINALLY!  We finally got to meet baby Hadley!  After photographing Mama Katie and Daddy David several weeks before, we were sssoooo happy to finally meet this little cutie!

And the wait was beyond worth it!  Aware, sweet, and snugly Hadley made it very hard to put the camera down!!!!

HadleyBLOG1 HadleyBLOG2

Baby belly buttons make me BBBBBOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!

HadleyBLOG3 HadleyBLOG4 HadleyBLOG5

For the record, not all babies are born this beautiful!!!!

HadleyBLOG6 HadleyBLOG7

This little lady gets lots of love and attention from her amazing parents!!!

HadleyBLOG8 HadleyBLOG9

But really, how could someone not smile at this face?!


Happy family ( :

HadleyBLOG11 HadleyBLOG12



After snuggling with mommy and daddy, we took a little time to hang out in Hadley’s super cute nursery!

HadleyBLOG13_2  HadleyBLOG14 HadleyBLOG15 HadleyBLOG16 HadleyBLOG17

I can see Katie and David just like this all the time…..<3

HadleyBLOG18 HadleyBLOG19 HadleyBLOG20

After hanging out at the house, Hadley was feeling adventurous (and sleepy) so we headed to the neighborhood park for some outdoor pics!


Hadley seemed pretty happy about this ( :

HadleyBLOG22 HadleyBLOG23 HadleyBLOG24

Snuggle time is the best time!

HadleyBLOG25 HadleyBLOG26 HadleyBLOG27

David, we knew you were going to be a sweet daddy!  Watch out, Katie, you know those two are going to be trouble!…

HadleyBLOG28 HadleyBLOG29 HadleyBLOG60

Katie and David, congratulations on what is one of the greatest experiences in life.  I was so excited to finally meet baby Hadley and to spend an evening with such a loving family.  She is so lucky to have incredible parents like the two of you!  Enjoy every second of it!!! Big hugs!

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