Monique and Nikki’s Wedding- Part II

Before checking this, make sure you’re sitting down.  This is the longest post EVER!  And why? Because there were too many gorgeous photos to choose from!

After Monique and Nikki’s ceremony, everyone headed over to the incredible Asia Society for the PARTY, I mean reception, of a lifetime!!!

2MoniqueBLOG_1 2MoniqueBLOG1 2MoniqueBLOG2

The wonderful ladies of Rendezvous Events were on-top of all the details!  And they did an unbelievable job!

2MoniqueBLOG3_1 2MoniqueBLOG3

We are now in love with Asia Society!  A beautiful venue, inside and out! ( :

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Instead of taking group photos at the church, Monique and Nikki decided to use the reception venue for a backdrop….good call!


The stunning bridal party!

2MoniqueBLOG12 2MoniqueBLOG13 2MoniqueBLOG14 2MoniqueBLOG15 2MoniqueBLOG16

And incredibly handsome groomsmen!


During the middle of the guys’ photos, Nikki insisting on stopping so that he could catch a photo of something incredibly special….his lovely new wife ( :

2MoniqueBLOG18 2MoniqueBLOG19

Nikki and Monique… two look great with three kiddos…just sayin….


Then we took a few minutes for some photos of just the two of them….

2MoniqueBLOG21 2MoniqueBLOG22 2MoniqueBLOG23 2MoniqueBLOG24 2MoniqueBLOG25 2MoniqueBLOG26 2MoniqueBLOG27


2MoniqueBLOG28 2MoniqueBLOG29 2MoniqueBLOG30 2MoniqueBLOG31

Then it was time to head inside for the party!!!

2MoniqueBLOG32 2MoniqueBLOG33 2MoniqueBLOG34 2MoniqueBLOG35 2MoniqueBLOG36

I have never seen a cake like theirs!  Wonderful job, Sweets to Dream On!

2MoniqueBLOG37 2MoniqueBLOG38

The furniture was something out of a dream!  Pretty sure I need ALL of Prop Rock Concept’s furniture in my house…..

2MoniqueBLOG39 2MoniqueBLOG40 2MoniqueBLOG41 2MoniqueBLOG42

Before the wedding party entered the reception, The Wedding MC gave everyone a pep talk….

2MoniqueBLOG43 2MoniqueBLOG44

And it toally worked!  These was their INTRODUCTIONS!!!  Never have we seen anything like this!!!! GO, MC!

2MoniqueBLOG45 2MoniqueBLOG46 2MoniqueBLOG47

Think they’re ready for the newlyweds?

2MoniqueBLOG48 2MoniqueBLOG49

Jacket is off!  They mean business!…or party!

2MoniqueBLOG50 2MoniqueBLOG51 2MoniqueBLOG52 2MoniqueBLOG53

After getting the party started RIGHT, everyone headed upstairs for music, food, and drinks!

2MoniqueBLOG55 2MoniqueBLOG56 2MoniqueBLOG57 2MoniqueBLOG58 2MoniqueBLOG59 2MoniqueBLOG60 2MoniqueBLOG61 2MoniqueBLOG62 2MoniqueBLOG63 2MoniqueBLOG64_1 2MoniqueBLOG64 2MoniqueBLOG65 2MoniqueBLOG66 2MoniqueBLOG67

After a little down-time, we heard some wonderful toasts!

2MoniqueBLOG68 2MoniqueBLOG69 2MoniqueBLOG70

And then the very sweet and romantic first dance!

2MoniqueBLOG71 2MoniqueBLOG72

And first serenade ( :

2MoniqueBLOG73 2MoniqueBLOG74

Then it was Dad’s turn

2MoniqueBLOG75_1 2MoniqueBLOG75_2

And finally DJ Supastar got the party really moving!

2MoniqueBLOG75 2MoniqueBLOG76 2MoniqueBLOG77

Nikki and his fraternity brothers performed a special wedding tradition

2MoniqueBLOG78 2MoniqueBLOG79 2MoniqueBLOG80

LOVE the moment below….

2MoniqueBLOG81 2MoniqueBLOG82 2MoniqueBLOG83 2MoniqueBLOG84

Then onto the boquet and garter tosses…..there are more photos, but they’re a little too “hot” to post on our family friendly blog ( ;

2MoniqueBLOG85 2MoniqueBLOG86 2MoniqueBLOG87 2MoniqueBLOG88 2MoniqueBLOG89

Did we mention how much we LOVE this cake and cake table?

2MoniqueBLOG90 2MoniqueBLOG91 2MoniqueBLOG92 2MoniqueBLOG93 2MoniqueBLOG94 2MoniqueBLOG95 2MoniqueBLOG96 2MoniqueBLOG97 2MoniqueBLOG98 2MoniqueBLOG99

Monique and Nikki, thank you allowing us to be a part of such a great party!  We both left feeling like we had just seen two friends exchange vows and that we had spent the evening partying with family.  The amount of love and support we witnessed the night of your wedding was overwhelming, and we couldn’t imagine two people who deserved it more.  Congratulations times a million!!!!

Cheers to you both!!!!

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