Irene and Ricky Are Married!

After meeting months ago on what felt like a freezing cold day, we finally got to photograph Irene and Ricky as they got ready and got married!  The day was really filled with emotions, but more than anything we could feel their excitement and happiness…..

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I believe this is Irene getting her sister’s smile of approval ( :



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I loved the look of awe on Irene’s Dad and Grandma’s faces as Irene came out of the bedroom….

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Seeing such a loving father and sweet daughter had us tearing up!


After getting ready near The Woodlands Waterway, it was off to get married!  Irene’s Dad did a great job of sneaking her in undetected! ( ;

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And to the beaming Groom!  Ricky was nothing but smiles all day long!!!!

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When it came time for Ricky’s bride to walk down the isle and become his bride, well, his reaction was beyond genuine….

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Those are looks of pure love!

storyboardBARTH037 storyboardBARTH038 storyboardBARTH039 storyboardBARTH040 storyboardBARTH041_1

Life goes by so fast and relationships are often taken for granted.  Ricky, thank you for reminding us how special love truly is!

storyboardBARTH041_2 storyboardBARTH041

And then, Mr and Mrs!!!

storyboardBARTH042 storyboardBARTH045

Below is probably one of our most favorite photos of the day.  You two are so perfect together ( :

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Even though some of Irene’s family could not make it from Ecuador, they were able to witness the entire ceremony and the celebrations that followed thanks to modern technology!..



They even posed for a picture!!!! ( :

storyboardBARTH058 storyboardBARTH059

After a very emotional ceremony, everyone headed to Carlton Woods for a stunning reception!

storyboardBARTH060 storyboardBARTH061 storyboardBARTH062 storyboardBARTH063 storyboardBARTH064 storyboardBARTH065

While family and friends mingled, snacked, and listened to music, we snuck the wedding party outside during the perfect time of evening for some dreamy sunset photos!  Totally worth braving the summer heat for!

storyboardBARTH066 storyboardBARTH067 storyboardBARTH068 storyboardBARTH069 storyboardBARTH070 storyboardBARTH071

From the glowing ladies onto the handsome men!

storyboardBARTH072 storyboardBARTH094 storyboardBARTH073

Everyone in Ricky’s family was sssoooo thoughtful!  One of Ricky’s brother’s even requested a photo of the four Barth boys lined-up, just like their Grandmother use to take of them!

storyboardBARTH074 storyboardBARTH075 storyboardBARTH076 storyboardBARTH077

After some fun with the group we stole the newlyweds away for a few extra minutes of photos alone.  I’ll say it again, dreamy!!!

storyboardBARTH078 storyboardBARTH079 storyboardBARTH080 storyboardBARTH081 storyboardBARTH082 storyboardBARTH083 storyboardBARTH084 storyboardBARTH085storyboardBARTH086

Then we headed back indoors and joined in on the celebrations!

storyboardBARTH087 storyboardBARTH088 storyboardBARTH089 storyboardBARTH090

To be honest, I was totally in love with this cake table.  I want those linens everywhere in our house!!!!


  storyboardBARTH092storyboardBARTH097storyboardBARTH093 storyboardBARTH095 storyboardBARTH096

After drooling over the dessert table and meeting some wonderful people, the sunny dinner room was opened – talk about a wonderful surprise!

storyboardBARTH098   storyboardBARTH099   storyboardBARTH102storyboardBARTH101storyboardBARTH103storyboardBARTH100storyboardBARTH104 storyboardBARTH105 storyboardBARTH106 storyboardBARTH109

Had to share a photo of what’s behind the window……pretty sure this is what we call dinner with a view!



Once everyone was settled (and comfie) Ricky’s brother did a wonderful job of introducing the new married couple…


Mr and Mrs Barth!

storyboardBARTH112 storyboardBARTH113 storyboardBARTH114 storyboardBARTH115storyboardBARTH116

And towards the end of dinner the new couple was given a very special surprise……

 storyboardBARTH117 storyboardBARTH118storyboardBARTH121

Not only were they serenaded by a Mariachi band, but a very talented friend with an incredible voice, too!!!


Then it was time for some cake cutting….


And first dances….

  storyboardBARTH125 storyboardBARTH126 storyboardBARTH127 storyboardBARTH128 storyboardBARTH129 storyboardBARTH130

And end of the night dances!

storyboardBARTH131 storyboardBARTH132 storyboardBARTH133

Ricky and Irene, thank you both sssoooo much for allowing us to be a part of your life-changing day!  We loved how genuine and honest you both were with your emotions and we adored how important you knew this day was.  We hope you have a smooth move into your new home and into your new life together!  Cheers (and hugs) to you both!!!


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