Charming Luca’s Family Session

During this summer holiday we were won over by the incredibly charming Luca and his super-laid back family!  Although Luca lives in Chicago, we were lucky enough to get a chance to meet him while he was in town visiting his Grandparents! We started our action-packed morning during sunrise on the Woodland’s golf course.  I’m pretty sure he enjoyed the vast amounts of open space to run around in!

 storyboardPonceDeLeon002 storyboardPonceDeLeon003 storyboardPonceDeLeon004

What a happy boy!!!!


Next we had some fun drawing with chalk!  Luca is a natural artist and I love the colorful touches he added to his shirt! ( :

storyboardPonceDeLeon006 storyboardPonceDeLeon007 storyboardPonceDeLeon008

Who doesn’t love baby toes?!?!



storyboardPonceDeLeon010 storyboardPonceDeLeon011 storyboardPonceDeLeon012 storyboardPonceDeLeon013

One of my favorite moments in life is laughing with my kiddos.  These two photos below make my mommy heart happy!

storyboardPonceDeLeon014 storyboardPonceDeLeon015

That’s right, see that HUGE kiss?  That was for me!  Thanks, Luca!!!!!

storyboardPonceDeLeon016 storyboardPonceDeLeon017 storyboardPonceDeLeon018 storyboardPonceDeLeon019 storyboardPonceDeLeon020

Thank you so much, Ponce de Leon and Craig families for waking up extra early (maybe Luca’s 5am get-up was just because he was so excited for some photos?) and braving the heat with me.  Although your visit was short, I hope these photos help seal in time a slice of the love that’s here for you in Texas!  And give Luca a big kiss back for me! ( :

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