Safari Texas Ranch – Hannah and Zach’s Wedding

Sunflowers, sunshine, and some of the biggest smiles you could image…..we loved getting to be a part of this sweet, laid back couple’s wedding day!

We started the day off with Hannah and her hilarious ladies, watching the super talented Lisa Pelayo add some finishing touches on Hannah’s radiant bridal glow!

After catching some sweet moments between Hannah, her Moms and her Grandmas, we headed to Safari Texas Ranch to ooohhh and aahhh at all of Hannah’s details (and to check out all of the hard work that Mae Events had put into planning and setting up Hannah and Zach’s special day!)!  Hannah’s Winnie Couture dress seriously looked like it was made just for her!!!

I loved getting to feel all of the emotions in the room as Hannah got dressed.  Even though there were lots of tissues being passed around, her ladies managed to keep everyone laughing too!

After getting Hannah ready, we headed over to check up on Zach and his groomsmen.  Can I say I love getting to photograph chill grooms who never stop smiling?!

Just when I thought I couldn’t love ring bearers anymore…..

I would like to take a moment to say how impossible it was to not cry when we saw the support system behind Hannah and Zach.  I don’t think I could applaud Hannah’s family enough for making her wedding day so special and for sharing it with everyone who is important to her.  Watching Hannah and her Dads walk down the isle has to be one of my favorite ceremony moments in these past five years……

Some favorites above and below

I adore those just-married-bright-and-beaming grins!


Pretty sure I am officially smitten with sunflowers now!  Bee’s House of Flowers made the most perfect springtime arrangements!

Ana’s Confections did a delicious job on their cake!

After a sincere welcome and some heart melting first dances, it was time to party!!!!  This crowd knew how to get down on the dance floor!

Hannah and Zach – thank you both so much for letting us be a part of your wildly fun wedding day!  Whether you are in Houston or Atlanta, we know you have an incredible support group surrounding you with all the love and encouragement anyone could ever want!  And although we’ll miss your hilarious messages, we’re can’t wait to hear about all of the excitement ahead for the two of you!  Cheers to the Wells!!!

Karbach Brewery – Jenny and Dustin’s Wedding

Before we arrived at Magnolia Hotel to capture Jenny getting ready, we were happily forewarned about a day full of leopard prints, beer, and tons of dancing.  I wish every Saturday started with a heads up like this!

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by Jenny’s bright smile and custom made white leopard print dress!  Yes, she has a totally talented Mom!


Jenny knows how to GLAM!

After Jenny added the finishing touches, it was time for a first look with Dustin!

Getting to see each other prior to the ceremony allowed for some incredibly heart melting reaction photos and intimate bride and groom photos!

Then it was time to get married!  The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center could not have been more beautiful that day!

Floral Events did a beautiful job on all of the arrangements!

My favorite memory of Jenny walking down the isle was when she managed to tell her guests, in between tears and sniffles, just HOW good they all looked!  Jenny’s sense of humor had us cracking up all day!

And then they were MARRIED!!!!!

And after some snugly family photos it was onto celebrate at Karbach Brewery! Get ready for leopard print details and delicious beer!!!

Cakes by Gina made an absolutely perfect leopard print cake!

Some favorite first dance moments above and below!



As if the day couldn’t get any better – we got to take bride and groom portraits in the brewery!!!  These newlyweds were tons of fun AND super adventurous!


Once all of the cake had been danced off and we had witnessed some incredible air guitar moves, it was time to say goodnight!

Jenny and Dustin, thank you both so much for letting us be a part of your seriously rock and roll wedding!  It was wildly fun (get it?!) and totally unforgettable- we couldn’t be any happier for your family!

Congratulations and rock on, newlyweds!!!

The Bell Tower on 34th – Eloisa and Troy’s Wedding

Sunday afternoon weddings are our new favorite!  With a fresh start to the day, we met our gorgeous bride, Eloisa, and her relaxed atmosphere, to catch her getting ready!


Talk about a flawless bride!!!!  Thalio Beckham did a fabulous job touching up Eloisa’s beautiful glow!

After our quick check-in, we headed to The Bell Tower at 34th!!!

Plant House worked magic on the bridal bouquet, as well as all  of Eloisa and Troy’s wedding day florals!

After Eloisa was ready, it was time to check in with Troy and get ready for their first look!


First looks are some of our favorite moments form a wedding day.  Getting to see each other privately before a ceremony allows the couple to enjoy some quite time together and to react to seeing their love without any reserve!

After a sweet first look and some adorable family photos, it was time to get married!!!!

Watching Eloisa walk down the isle with her Mom and her son made it nearly impossible to not cry!

After a first kiss and a little bit of family time, everyone was ready to celebrate!

We are still thinking about these amazing sweets!  Bacon, coffee, and s’mores……on donuts?!  YES please!

Eloisa and Troy had an action packed reception!  Every detail was stunning, plus, do we even need to remind you of those donuts?!  And to top it off, they had a super talented belly dancer perform!  And she was brave enough to bring along a partner (yes, that’s a REAL snake!!!!)!

Eloisa and Troy’s cake was not only gorgeous (don’t think we could love the water color details on their cake anymore!), but it was incredibly delicious too!  Dolce Designs makes some especially tasty art!!!!

We adored what a blend of sweet, funny, and sentimental the speeches were that friends and family gave to the newlyweds!

Eloisa and Troy, whenever we think back on your wedding day, we are going to remember the “chill and low key” wedding you spoke about but did NOT have!  Your day was so much fun and totally gorgeous, it was a day about love and family and celebrating all the good things headed your way!  We could not thank you both enough for letting us be a part of the adventure!

Cheers to the newlyweds!!!

Agave Estates – Linda and Kenman’s Wedding

Linda and Kenman’s wedding day was packed with activities!  But from the moment we arrived at Agave Estates, they were nothing but smiles!

All of Linda’s details were gorgeous!  From her tea ceremony outfit, to her wedding dress, to her evening gown – she looked stunning!


Pink Palette did a fantastic job with touching up Linda’s wedding day glow!

Kenman looked so sharp in suspenders and a blue suit!

After getting the guys ready, it was time for Linda and Kenman’s first look, as well as a few quick Bride and Groom portraits!


After some alone time, Linda and Kenman prepared for the Tea Ceremony!

And after some family photos it was back into her wedding dress!

Watching Kenman spin as he walked down the isle was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!  It showed how playful he is and how excited he was to be marrying Linda!

Above and below, just two of the many reasons why I LOVE the flower girls and ring bearer!

And they were married!!!!

After family photos and a few more solo photos, it was time to CELEBRATE!!!

A Pretty Box had the venue looking perfect and everyone ready to party with the newlyweds!  The night went off without a hitch!

D’Lish Bakery did a fantastic job on their cakes!

Linda and Kenman’s wedding favors doubled as their table decor!  Not only were they super cute, but incredibly useful as so many of their guests traveled from around the globe to celebrate with them!


Linda and Kenman, thank you so much for letting us join in on the ceremonies, the laughs, the unexpected isle spins, and the unbelievable amount of heart bursting moments!  You two are so playful, so appreciative, so sweet, and so lucky to have found each other!

  Cheers to the newlyweds!

Moffitt Oaks Wedding, Priscilla and Carlos’ Wedding Day

Our 2017 started off with so much beauty, excitement, and heart melting tugging moments!

Although the entire week before Priscilla and Carlos’s wedding was dreary and rainy, their wedding day ended up being a perfect, sunny day!

We couldn’t stop obsessing over the detailed beading work on Priscilla’s Winnie Couture gown!

The Bloom Room did a fabulous job making a soft and romantic bouquet for Priscilla!  Plus those accent pieces in the bouquet were divine!!!

And Lisa Pelayo did a flawless job touching up Priscilla’s wedding day glow!

After opening a sweet surprise from her hubby-to-be, it was time for Priscilla to put on her wedding gown and walk down the isle!

Some of my favorite moments before a ceremony are getting to see the parents’ reactions!

After Priscilla was ready we checked in with her Groom Carlos!

Watching Carlos read a special letter from Priscilla left everyone in the room teary eyed!!!

Then it was time to say “I do”!!!

Moffitt Oaks has such an amazing ceremony setting!!

Watching Carlos’ reaction and Priscilla’s Moms reaction… seriously was a tear jerker!!!!

Some favorites above and below!!!


After catching the last few minutes of sunlight for some quick Bride and Groom portraits, it was time to celebrate!

As always, A&E Weddings and Events blew us away with the reception set up!  Everywhere you looked, there some was something absolutely gorgeous to take in!

First dances always make me want to slow down time.  Watching both Moms during these dances was such an emotional reminder of how important a wedding day is to them, too!

I always say I don’t know how a couple lasts though all the activities of their wedding day!  I loved capturing these candid moments of the bride and groom when no one else was watching!

After allllll those months of planning and an entire day of life changing moments…….how do you say goodnight?!

It was so hard to photograph Priscilla and Carlos saying good night to Priscilla’s Mom, I’m not sure I have ever cried so much at a wedding!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Aguilar!!!  We are so grateful that we were there to witness the love and support you both have from all of your family and friends!

Your wedding day was breathtaking and the emotions we felt while watching you become a family together are feelings we will never forget!

Cheers to the newlyweds!!!!

Bella Sera Ranch, TX – Whitney and Neil’s Fall Wedding

Whitney and Neil’s wedding day has been a long time in the making!  But in all honesty, we can’t imagine having it any other way!

How else do you plan for such a dream come true?

Our day started out at the beautiful Bella Sera Ranch, capturing Whitney’s gorgeous bridal details (we’re still awing over that playful BHLDN dress and topper!!!)



Whitney used parts of her favorite baby blanket to wrap around her bouquet.  It was a tearful process, but indescribably sentimental to have to connect her past with her future!


And how many brides give out gifts on THEIR wedding days?!  Whitney was so sweet when she handed a custom bridal album and heartfelt note to her Grandmother!



And before we knew it, it was time to get ready to say “I do”!!



YOWZERS, Whitney, that bridal glow!!!




And of course, after getting Whitney ready, we had to check in on one of the sweetest grooms ever, Neil!  He was calm and relaxed, a total rockstar, and totally ready to roll in about 2 minutes (you guys are pretty lucky!)!






The suspense before the chapel doors opened was nearly tangible….but then it happened!


And it was soooo hard to keep your eyes from tearing up!









This was the first time we had ever seen a couple make a painting during their ceremony and we are officially OBSESSED with the idea!!!




And they were MARRIED!!!



After a champagne toast and a few photos, it was time to celebrate!



We seriously adore these fall details! Gold…pumpkins?! YES!














Even though our schedule did not allow for bride and groom portraits after the ceremony, Whitney and Neil let us sneak them away during the reception for some alone time!










And after touching toasts, loving dances, and a few wild moves, it was time to for Whitney and Neil to get away!




Congratulations to one of the sweetest and most playful couples we’ve ever had the privilege of knowing! Whitney and Neil, if your wedding was a preview of what’s to come, we have every bit of faith that it will be a heartfelt ride with the two of you cheering it on!  Thank you for being way too much fun and making us feel like family!

Cheers to the newlyweds!!!!

Montgomery, TX – Lauren and Nick’s Big Sky Barn Wedding

Last month we were lucky enough to document the day that Lauren and Nick said “I do”!!!!  And what better day than Lauren’s birthday, to re-live all of the amazing moments from one of the best days of their lives!

From the second we arrived at Big Sky Barn, we couldn’t stop photographing eeevveeerrrryyyy detail!  Of course the A&E Weddings and Events team had everything set up and ready for us!


The Bloom Room did a stunning job on Lauren’s bouquet!!!


Pink Pallet added the flawless touches to Lauren’s glow!


One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is watching the family react to the bride getting dressed.  It was hard to keep my face dry when I watched Lauren’s family see her for the first time!


After getting the bride ready, we headed over to check in on Nick!  Naturally he was all smiles and ready to go!


Lauren and Nick took a moment before their ceremony to exchange gifts.  I loved seeing how excited they both were and even more so, watching Nick try to NOT take a peek at his bride before the ceremony!


LLLOOOOVVEEE! Some favorites above and below!!!


And they were MARRIED!!!


After some family photos and during a yard-game filled happy hour, we took advantage of the fading sunlight and captured some bride and groom photos!  I always adore these photos!


And then it was onto the reception.  We are still drooling over EVERY.SINGLE.GORGEOUS.DETAIL!!!!


The detailed cake, by the incredibly talented Bavarian Cakery, displayed the cake topper that was used at Lauren’s parents wedding!


And then it was time to PPPARRRRRRRTY!  This crowd had some moves!


Lauren and Nick, thank you SOOOOO much for sharing your day with us!  Yes, literally EVERY detail was picture perfect, but even more importantly, watching the excitement and happiness between the two of you grow throughout the day really made it unforgettable!  Hope you two are celebrating the beginning of a new life together and the start of a new year!  Happy birthday Mrs. Piano!  And congratulations to you both!!!

Montgomery, TX – Lauren and Matt’s The Springs Lake Conroe Wedding

Sometimes you meet a couple and feel like you’re old friends!  Sweet, fun, and always uplifting everyone around them, it was impossible to not constantly be smiling on Lauren and Matt’s wedding day!

Let me start by saying…….those Betsy Johnson shoes are PERFECTION!






As if Lauren couldn’t get any more gorgeous, Angela Karr did a fabulous job on her flawless hair and make-up!













After getting Lauren ready, we headed up to the Groom’s Suite to capture Matt and his brother adding their final touches!




Lauren and Matt chose to have a private first look before their ceremony.  Not only did they get a chance to say hi and see each other for a quiet moment, but they also ended up with some incredibly genuine memories!










And then it was time to get MARRIED!  Of course the talented ladies of A&E Weddings and Events did a fantastic job setting up all the details, keeping everyone happy, and making sure we were all well hydrated ( :













Some favorites above and below!









After the formal photos we headed inside to get the party started!  Everything was absolutely perfect!  Bride & Bloom could not have done a better job on Lauren’s bouquets, as well as all of the centerpieces!







These vintage rentals from Love Birds Vintage Rentals were soooo glamorous!

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Before the parent dances, Lauren and Matt made a slide show of photos with their parents.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t bawl my eyes out!!!

071-storyboard 072-storyboard 073-storyboard

After saying “I do”, cutting cake, and dancing, it was time to PARTY!  I really did have a feeling that this was one skilled group!

079-storyboard 078-storyboard 077-storyboard 076-storyboard 075-storyboard 074-storyboard






Lauren and Matt, we’re so beyond happy for your new beginning, although we will miss all of your hilarious messages and eye-opening stories about life up north!   Thank you both so much for letting us be a part of the party!  Cheers to the newlyweds!!!

Houston, TX Wedding – Whitney and Gene’s Summer Wedding at The Dunlavy

Whitney and Gene’s sophisticated, yet simple summer wedding was a day full of cheerful family and friends, delicious foods and constantly flowing drinks,  a seriously picturesque backdrop, and two playful, yet sincere lives becoming one family!

We started off our day with Gene at Hotel Icon.  After a few drinks and lots appreciation expressed over the painting Whitney bought her hubby-to-be, it was time for Gene to suit up!



Very dapper!


Next we headed to Whitney, to gush over her bridal details (those red Manolo Blahniks) and capture some photos of her stunning bridal blow!



Her Winnie Couture gown was perfect for a summer wedding in Houston!



Whitney was all smiles the ENTIRE day.  ALL.DAY.LONG.  Not a hint of stress, but rather happily savoring every moment!  And her mood was contagious!





After lots of hugs and a few photos with her family, it was time to get married!!!!  And their venue, The Dunlavy, was absolutely perfect!

And of course Bella Luna Bridal & Occasions had the evening prepared and the party already started without a catch!








Gene, I have never seen another groom SOOOOO ready!




Some favorites above and below!









I loved getting to watch Whitney and Gene exchange smiles during their hand fasting ceremony!